Competition General Information
  • Enrolments for the Vocal Art Choir Competition must be registered online before the April 15th.
  • Vocal Art Choir Competition: July 22th 2023.
  • Enrolments will be registered in order of arrival. It is therefore advisable to reply as soon as possible. Enrolments are subject to the approval of the organising Committee.
  • Organising Committee whose decision will be confirmed to both selected and non-selected groups by e-mail, no later than one week after receiving the application.
  • Check Competition rules for more information.

The selected groups must confirm their application by e-mail as soon as possible, and will then receive a circular giving all further details.

Choirs will need to:

  • Pay the registration fees as described in detail at the bottom of the Rules.
  • Send until the end of May all the Repertoire forms (online).



2 – Participation

2.1 Any amateur choir can apply to VACC.  During the first stage of selection, all choirs will be subjected to an appreciation by the competition’s Artistic Director, by the means of an MP3 recording. This recording must be an “a cappella” work, and if the choir is selected to participate, this piece must be sang on the competition.

2.2 The competition will have a maximum of 8 choirs. There can be also 2 substitute choirs (in case of waver from any of the 8 selected choirs),

2.3 All repertoire must be “a cappella”,


3 – Competition Enrollment

During enrollment all choirs must send:

  • Brief choir and maestro curriculum (180 words, maximum, each);
  • Pay the registration fee (75€), by transfer, and send the receipt to


Competition repertoire

The Competition repertoire must include:

  • Sacred piece
  • Portuguese Composer piece
  • Free piece

The maximum duration of the choir’s performance must not exceed 15mn.


4 – Prizes

At the outcome of each competition, the following prizes will be awarded,

1st prize 2nd prize 3rd prize
Diploma /1500€ Diploma/750€ Diploma/500€
Best performance of a piece by Portuguese composer Diploma/100€


In case of a tie, the prizes will be divided accordingly and the prize percentage will be maintained.

Choirs will be judged according the following parameters:


According to the score, Bronze, Silver and Gold Diplomas will be awarded. If the choir does not achieve a Diploma it will receive a certificate of participation.

Diploma Points
Bronze 3
Silver 2
Gold 1

Scores will go from 0 to 100

  • All jury decisions are final and cannot be reviewed
  • VACC has the right to award other Honorable Mentions and diplomas
  • Participation diploma to all choirs


5 – Entry Procedure

When submitting an entry form you must include:

  • A recent recording of the Choir (From the last year, ex: mp3, vídeo youtube).
  • Choir Curriculum, detailing activities and achievement *
  • One recent photograph of the choir. *
  • Conductor Curriculum. *
  • Conductor Photo.*
  • Complete application form. *
  • 75 Euros – Participation fee of the choir (not refundable, until the end of May)**
  • Copy or scan of the receipt of the Bank transfer

After the acceptance of your choir, you must send each piece that will be performed (till 10th May competition year)*

* Note:All procedure must be formalised online. All the documents concerning the application must be in ENGLISH

** Nota: You can pay your fee by Bank transfer

    Details for bank Tranfer

  • Transfer to – Associação Vocal Art Ensemble
  • Bank: CGD – Caixa Geral de Depósitos
  • IBAN: PT50 0035 0576 0005 2604 8307 0
  • Address: Paços de Ferreira – Portugal


  • The closing date for class entry is April 15th  competition year.
  • The closing date for repertoire entry is the end of May.


6 – Other considerations

1. All choirs will have, on the competition’s day, a short rehearsal (by prior arrangement) at the competition venue.

2. VACC is not responsible for transport or stay expenses (that includes lunch/dinner).

3. By request, the organization may help the choirs with logistics and other issues

4. For the opening ceremony, the choir should be represented by a maximum of 10 people


Competition Venceu: Igreja Nova de Freamunde (INF)


Schedule (non definitiv)

11h00 – Reception: Paços de Ferreira’s City Hall

12h30 – Lunch (free)

13h30 – Rehearsals starting schedule (INF)

17h00 – Competition (INF)

19h30 – Dinner (free)

21h30 – Closing and Award ceremony: Paços de Ferreira’s Garden (in front of municipal museum).


7. Final Considerations

All doubts or omissions will be resolved by the organization, which is sovereign, after consultation with the artistic director, if this is relevant to the matter