The Vocal Art Competição Coral (V.A.C.C.) is going to revolutionize the cultural production.

This does not intend to be an event to elites, but to the community in general, the national and the international groups, will be grateful and absolutely satisfied with concert rooms full of people.

The VOCAL ART ENSEMBLE, , assume that such a magnificent cultural project needs a strategic reflection about Culture and the local musical activity itself. This reflection, must take into account the regional context, social profiles of the population, the daily routine and even the economic profile of the local industry.

V.A.C.C. – Objectives

  • A culture of quality

To promote a musical offer of quality, trying to discover new audiences. With a varied offer on the presented categories, at the level of the programmatic proposals and the level of the participants, the V.A.C.C. is going to contribute to the rising of collective participation and to a cultural qualification of the region.

  • To promote local cultural Exchange and develop the associative activity

The relation between the VOCAL ART ENSEMBLE, policy and companies is based on trust and shared responsibility, in which the available means must be transformed in concrete and measurable results.

This good relationship allows an enormous raise in cultural goods quality, socially leading to a big increase of local participation.

  • Culture in social development

Any cultural event obviously represents the promotion of a parish, city or nation. It increases the socialeconomic development, by the interaction visitant/visited and by the promotion of local supporting industries (hotels, advertisement, furniture, technical companies and Romanic route).

The organization team is composed by the Vocal Art Ensemble members, wich, by their built experience from previous events, will try to bring you the best experience, either on the vocal music either on human experience.

Artistic Director: Sílvio Cortez