V.A.C.C.: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Wich classes are accepted in V.A.C.C.?

  • Mixed, female, male, young CHORUS and Chamber and Senior Choirs. Choirs of children under the age of 10 are not recommended.
  • The choir must consist of at least 10 members.

How many Choirs will be invited to participate in the V.A.C.C.?

  • 10 –20 Choirs.

How do you select the Choirs?

  • Through the analysis of audio-recordings (DVD or CD recorded in the last 12 months) or youtube.

Is it possible to register the Choir online?

  • Yes, the entire process is carried out online.

When will this decision be made?

  • Until April 15th (year of the competition.


  • 200 Euros – Registration Fee.
  • Travel to the festival headquarters – Responsible for the choir.
  • € 20 per person, for each day of accommodation. The price includes 3 meals.

Is there a limit number for passive participants?

  • No.

Who is considered an active participant?

  • Singers, conductor and instrumentalists.

If we choose to go by bus, will we have to pay for our driver’s stay?

  • Yes, the stay will have a fixed value of € 100, that is, for the entire duration of the competition. It will remain in the same conditions as the Choir. Travel, Accommodation and Meals:

 Do you have insurance?

  • Choirs must provide the necessary insurance. If traveling on a rented bus, please check that the bus company provides all the insurance required by law, both for the choir and the driver (s)

 If we decide to travel on our own bus, do we need it during the festival?

  • Yes and no. As Paços de Ferreira is a relatively small city, everything is 10 to 20 minutes away. For the entire Festival program, there will be free transportation

Where are the participants staying?

  • All participants and accompanying persons are accommodated in School Centers. The classrooms will be equipped with mattresses.