Vocal Art Ensemble: A New Time, Challenges of Excellence!

The autarchic life is made of challenges and to overcome these, we need partners who believe in the capacity to overcome, so that we can be victorious and proud of the way we have gone and the results achieved.

The Town Hall of Paços de Ferreira is immensely grateful to Maestro Sílvio Cortez who, representing the Ensemble Vocal Freamunde, for his journey and dedication during these glorious years took the name of our land in such a prestigious way both inside and outside borders . The Municipality has always believed in the success from this choral group, both for its quality and for its importance to our county.

Certain and confident that the contributions left in our society are a fundamental cultural landmark in the county’s culture. We reaffirm, even under a new acronym “Vocal Art Ensemble”, our willingness to preserve a partnership and unconditional support, in order to continue the notorious and meritorious work of this group, which has always dignified our county in an extraordinary way, creating and leaving new challenges of Excellence.

Finalizing and taking advantage of this opportunity, once again we thank all the group for the work done, the commitment and dedication in all the events that organized in a superlative and sublime way, as was the example of the FICC.
Knowing that now they are proposing to a new project, we know that our county will continue in good hands and that the future will be as or more smiling than the past. Therefore, this municipal executive will collaborate in the challenges and projects of this same association, to hand in more and better.

Paços de Ferreira October 18, 2018

Paulo Sérgio Barbosa
Vice president of the Town Hall of Paços de Ferreira